Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Still alive!

Hi there,
just wanted to let you know I am still alive. Just was very busy, attended some exhibitions and moved office and home!
But soon I will start to post again, promised!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Grimmlog goes mobile...

Often I am far away from home and come across a thing or two where I think "Gee, that would be an interesting post!" but when I am back home, its either forgotton or I simply dont have the time (which, in fact, means it will be forgotton).

So today I figured out some tools to do some postings on my mobile devices, so from now on I hope I dont miss the point in the future :)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Survival in a Jacket

For the first time, an entry without images. Maybe I add one later... I got my hands on a nifty replica of a TAD Gear softshell, and since I plan to wear it at least through 3 1/2 Seasons, I tried to transform it into a "urban survival mail". Without much diversion, heres my kitlist:
  • Keychain: Keys, Leatherman Micra, livesaver tube with vital Informations, carbine hook, P38 can opener, LED
  • Wristwatch: Clock(who might have quessed) and Silva compass
  • Left chest pocket: Headset for phone, LED torch, Smartphone with GPS (Google Maps, RSSReader, Forecast, etc)
  • Right Chest pouch: Swiss Army Knife (German Army Modell), Keychain, rugged second cell phone with independet card
  • Back Pouch with 100ml Water (I have a 2yr old son), Lansky Fiber Knife, Paracord
  • Right Arm Pouch: Small medic kit (Plasters, tweezer, etc...), 10 mini cyalume sticks 30mm, Waterproof sealed matches (german army ration)
  • Left arm pouch: Beverage powder, salt, pepper, candy, inflatable baloon (to cheer up kids), toilet paper from a MRE, herbal candy, chewing gum from an MRE
  • Lower arm pouch: One tampoon, small pill box with my important meds (Headache, allergies, stomach, etc...) some vitamin c, something against sore throat, slipped into a rubber inflatable baloon, to keep it dry AND stopp it moving around.
All together thats all I need in an urban environment, for any situation, exceppt when TSHTF!

Monday, January 12, 2009

A dark (k)nights winter tale

Once uppon a time three guys ... erm knights embarked on a perilous journey... Theyr quest: To take part on a small, private CQB competition in the foremost biggest russian airbase in eastern germany.

It started very smooth, without any delays on the travel, but as soon as thy left the save haven of the "autobahn" things turned from bad to worst. Temperature dropped from -4° Celsius to -17° Celsius within 30 Minutes, it fogged as hell and view range dropped to 10 meters, partly they only stayed on the road with the help of the GPS device (blessed it may be!).

Arrived on site they realized, it would be a lonely night. Some did not turned up at all, some prefered to retreat to a warm tavern and some prefered to retreat to a warm room. Onmly a handful upright lads stayed in the open and started to dig in for the night! Armed with sleeping bags and shelter halfs they awaited the night to come.

First the drawn theyir blades, and started to do firewood. With a cosy fire gooing was the weather much mor bearable to our valor striders, but still they had to fight the cold. The next morning brought some new sun to the scene and after some preparations they were able to sheild themselfs into theyre mails and armors and take part in the quest of leberating the airport. Needless to say, that the dark knights prevailed on theyr quest :)
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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Time for a new blade...

Small review / introduction to another knife obtained from a small bladesmith in Nepal. The so-called churi is a mixture of a modern adaption of a traditional knife and traditinal version of a modern knife. Sounds silly? Maybe, but it hits the point.

Whilest the blade (and the sheath made of 1000d cordura with plastic inserts) is more in the tradition of a modern bowie knife, the riveted full-tang contruction and the gripps made from water-buffalo horn are more traditional than the average "combat knife".

The blade is fairly thick (around 5mm) and has a mirror-grade finish. It is droppoint and single-edged and has a slight angle in relation to the handle. The full-tang blade is riveted to the grips with bronce rivets, which are aso polished very smoothly after attachment.

As mentioned before the sheath is made of black cordura with plastic insert for the blade. The handle is secured to the sheth by a velcro loop, which is the only feature, which disappointed me.

Overall, the knife performed very well, both whilest splitting logs into firewood and makeing fuzzsticks for lighting the fire. It holded its edge very fine and was easiely sharpened again.
After all, the very first survival knife, I would recommend to everyone travelling through the wilderness!
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